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Item #: exh4734a
This stock medical exhibit shows post-accident ankle fractures with surgical fixation in a series of illustrations. The first illustration shows the area of injury in a lateral view of the ankle. The second illustration shows a compound fracture dislocation of the right ankle, including a distal fibular fragment rotated 90 degrees, a fracture fragment of the medial malleolus and dislocation of the foot below the ankle in an anterior view of the bones of the foot. The third illustration shows the post-accident injuries in an anterior view of the skin and bones of the ankle, including an open wound on the lateral right ankle with exposed bone and dislocation of the foot below the ankle. The fourth illustration shows the first step in the debridement of the wound with open reduction and internal fixation of ankle fractures. It shows the realignment of the bones and the creation of an incision into the medial ankle, exposing the fracture. The fifth illustration shows the placement of two screws in the tibia to fixate the tibial fracture. The sixth illustration shows the exposure of the lateral fracture site and the fixation of the fracture with two pins using a pin driver. The seventh illustration shows the post-operative appearance in an anterior view of the bones of the ankle, in which the pins and screws used to fixate the fractures are seen in position.
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